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fifty nine

Sussex, NJ
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Re: Swap SIM cards?

Can't swap sims if the phone is locked. To get an unlocked phone you have to pay a premium price. An unlocked iPhone 5 is $700. An unlocked Galaxy S3 is $550. Most people would rather just pay $200 and get a locked phone. AT&T won't unlock an iPhone until it is out of contract.


Chesterfield, MO
I did say "unlocked phones". However, at AT&T's prices, it won't take international travellers long to pay for an unlocked version. Many of my office associates are Indian and visit once a year for several weeks. One of them even paid full price for an iPhone 5 so they could swap SIM cards.

I thought there were programs that would unlock your phone. I know that's a touchy subject considering the DMCA but I thought in the past couple years (due to be reviewed soon), the Copyright Office allowed exceptions for unlocking phones. Is there a caveat that this is only permitted outside of a term contract?

Not born yesterday
Atlanta, GA

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I got a real phone, not a toy, on T-Mobile and they unlocked it 3 days after I bought it. I've taken it to China, Japan, and Europe and have enjoyed using cheaply purchased SIMs and get great calls/text and high-speed data while there without being butt-raped by "roaming" charges. Even with my T-Mobile SIM, I can just turn off mobile data and use WiFi Calling when I'm connected to WiFi and make/receive calls back home for free. Only thing I don't get is the ooo's and ahhh's from schoolgirls who think an Apple on the back of a phone is the highest form of fashion.
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Cortland, NY
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FYI - I was told by Apple the SIM card is unlocked in the Iphone 5.

I know a prepaid SIM works in VZ Iphone 5 - not 100% sure of the ATT version


·Time Warner Cable
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said by fifty nine:

Can't swap sims if the phone is locked. To get an unlocked iphone you have to pay a premium price. An unlocked iPhone 5 is $700.

Fixed it for you. Since these plans only refer to voice/txt (not data), an iPhone 5 or Android phone has the possibility of being a data nightmare out of county. You can typically pick up an unlocked GSM phone for $100.

»www.tigerdirect.com/applications ··· tId=5117


Brooklyn, NY
reply to fifty nine
I dunno why it is not publicized/well known fact:
After your contract is up ATT obligated to provide you with unlock code at your request.

They even provided me code 6 month after I dumped them.