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Austin, TX

considering switching from TWC to EL

I've been a TWC customer for 7 years and now that they slapped a modem lease fee, I've decided to look around again for ISPs in Austin TX. Anyway I do have some questions about the available EL internet services.

1) I'm interested in the cable max tier which has 15Mbps dl and it's available in Austin TX. But I can't find the ul speed for this tier on the EL website. What's the ul speed for the max tier?

2) Can I get my own cable modem like TWC? If so, is there an approved list like TWC? I'm thinking of getting either motorola surfboard 6121 or 6141.

3) Is there an installation fee? I hope to avoid this, since I'm already on the TWC network, and if I can use my own modem, I would just call support/installation to enable my modem.


FIOS is Awesome
Fresh Meadows, NY
·Verizon FiOS
I am on EL over TWC here in NYC. My speeds tend to mirror the RR regular service tier and I get about 15 down, 1 up right now. If I wanted wideband, I would have to switch to RR.

if you are going to buy your own modem, just stay with TWC then.