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Lanett, AL
reply to tuladrin

Re: AMD vs I-core

Tomshardware did a lineup of various cards from both MD and Nvidia as well as compare them on an AMD and Intel setup. This was at the beginning of Cata though so many things have changed, both in terms of computer capabilities and WoW itself. Suffice it to say, WoW is CPU bound on AMD CPUs. The best they could get out of ANY video card on an AMD platform was ~60 FPS whereas the same cards on an Intel platform would push over 100 depending on the video card used.

Can you live with 60 FPS? Most likely. Newer AMD offerings may even increase this "limitation" but Intel is still likely your best bet. I have always liked AMD, and the fact they tend to be much cheaper than Intel never hurts. That said, when I built my new computers, I went with an Ivy Bridge i5 setup.

The integrated GPU found in AMD and Intel CPUs is generally as good as a low end standalone GPU (probably wouldn't compare it to something more than a $100 GPU). If you get a standalone video card, look for something over the $100 mark otherwise I would just use the integrated GPU and upgrade if and when you need to later.