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Jaws Incorporated

Woodside, NY
reply to lonnie111

Re: is there a problem with TWC in Queens?

Well, I initially thought after hours on the phone with TWC that my problem was my router but then TWC couldn't get their modem to work wirelessly correctly either. 1Mb DL. Hour in line at TWC Chelsea to get my 3rd modem this year. Lady told me "its all set up and ready to go!". Got home, didn't work. 2 more hours with TS. They couldn't get the new surfboard modem to work wirelessly either and I learned that TWC chelsea gave me the complete wrong power supply.

Back to TWC chelsea for another whopping 1 hour wait time. On my lunchbreak, eating my lunch hunched over a garbage can. After the 27 tickets were called and my number was up, the lady swapped the Motorola for an Aaris modem. She confidently told me "no prob its all set up and ready to go!" Got back to work and got yelled at by my boss for being back late from my hour lunchbreak. 4th modem now. Got home, brand new Aaris modem doesn't work either. Wireless LED not even lit at all. 2 more hours with TS. They couldn't get the wireless to even turn on at all.

TWC TS told me the wireless specialists are gone for the day, call tomorrow morning. Called today, another hour working on it with the wireless experts and he FINALLY got it to work. He told me it was a coding issue in my account.

So that means that this whole issue had nothing to do with me. Words cannot explain how frustrated I am.