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Gatineau, QC

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reply to Rob

Re: Freedom vs. Security

said by Rob:

However, I am cannot understand, nor fathom, how any politician, or any individual, feels that eroding our rights to privacy is somehow far more important than the security of this nation.

Whoever thinks that the government is doing this for "security" purposes, tell them to contact me, I have some prime swampland to sell them.

That's the excuse they are using to induce fear and paranoia in the populace so that they don't feel bad when their privacy rights are being infringed upon, to make them feel better so they can tell themselves "It will make me safer!" to this blatant invasion of privacy. In reality it has nothing to do with "security", but control.

And once you give it up, it's hard as hell to get it back. That's even if you will ever get it back. Whoever doesn't fight this tooth and nail doesn't understand the future repercussions that this will cause.

Can you say dystopia?

That is, unless you trust your government to use these powers justly without oversight. In which case, ever think about buying some prime swampland?
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