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West Mich.

DNS issues ?

Looks like they finally understand there is a problem.
From Sara on the hughesnet forum:


Sara for Hughes (Official Rep) 6 minutes ago

Hello , we currently have a Network Management Center ticket open to address these concerns. This situation may effect some of our HN7000 users. As soon as we have an update I will post here in the community. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Sara

From all the posts looks like it affects more than just the HN7000s users but it is a start.

Complete failure of 117w 1090 awhile ago,it is limping now, bet the phone line to customer no support is jammed now.


Xcalak, Mex
reply to gwalk
Talked to tech support at 2pm and they told me it would fixed by morning.

We are up and running on 117W/970. Gmail and other secure sites...DNS and https seem to be working well....until next time.

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Friendly, WV
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reply to gwalk
Just got back home about a hour ago and am now backing up all my steam games in case i loose those again for the hundredth time. I noticed this website was disabled, it showed a 504 gateway error and while that was occuring i seen that my skype went offline and then came back on every little bit so something is certainly up and not working too well.
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Edgewood, TX
wouldn't worry about the Gateway 504 error for this site. I get it when I'm on a corporate LAN.