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Los Alamos, NM

5GB doesn't sound like heavy use.

Sounds like Clearwire doesn't actually want users but rather just payment for non-use or trivial usage.


Chesterfield, MO
I'm not defending Clear but that sounds like what every wireless carrier wants. In fact, that's pretty much what every business wants -- a monthly recurring fee for the possibility that they might have to provide some service to a portion of their customers.

If you'll step into the my WABAC machine, I remember the dawn of the HMO in the late 80s. The HMO provided 100% coverage for their subscribers. No deductibles. No copays. No fees. Prescribed Rx 100% covered. There were even dental HMOs where everything was free. Absolutely no out-of-pocket expenses for the subscriber. (In a way this was unlimited healthcare!)

They paid the primary care physicians a flat rate for each member ($20/month) regardless of how many times the patient needed services. I'm not saying doctors did this but you can certainly imagine the temptation to reject sick patients and keep as many healthy 20 something year olds as possible who might never step foot in their office!