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Stanwood, MI
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reply to GroovyPhoenx

Re: Idiot users...

said by GroovyPhoenx:

To all those saying "if you are tech support you gotta take it" I'm sorry but what gives the people calling in for HELP the right to abuse someone who is trying to provide service?

I agree a certain amount of patience for idiotic people who expect us to magically correct the issue when they aren't in front of the computer IS required, however if I informe someone "I'm sorry I cannot help you when you're not in front of your computer" and they decide to rant about it?

I don't have to take abuse for doing my job correctly. you called ME for help not the other way around.

Exactly my point...

Customer support is not my only job I'm the jack of all trades here (this is a tiny company)...

So I do internal support, Q/A, bug confirmation / reporting /fix confirmation, network admin including break/fix, server admin including break/fix, server backup, the only thing I don't do is write the software programs I support. I love everything I do except help people who can't help themselves.

I created the help files, made the video tutorials. Yet for some people its the same issue or same "how do I" over and over again.
In some cases it is simply pointing the same person to the same tutorial over and over again. Each time they thank me for helping them solve the issue but in six month guess who's back again...


I hear your pain. Although I was supporting for a Telco ISP, towards the end of my time there, I kept track of my calls during the day. This was in the days of Dialup. DSL was just being deployed.

35 to 40% were password issues, depending upon the day. Or so it seemed.

Would usually give them the call letters of the local classic rock station. So a lot had 923kgon for a password.