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Columbus, OH


While he talks up that Cable Companies want to have the content everywhere "3 Screens" if you will. He tosses the blame on the Content/Distributors that they cant because of licensing. What he fails to add is that most would be ok with it being viewable everywhere......for a fee, which the Cable Companies balk at, they feel that they should pay once for the rights to use the content/stream and then use it how they seem fit, via On Demand, "Live" Airing, View on Xbox, View on Mobile Devices/Phones, ect. Fact is the content people their stuff to reach as many people as possible. What they don't want is it being paid for by one person, who then shares that with everyone he knows "illegally".

Cable companies then try to reach a middle ground with things like HBO Go, requiring you to sub to HBO to access, and having that app phone home to make sure you didn't just sign up for one month then cancel and still have access. Price it the same as HBO monthly sub and now its a matter of HBO getting the whole fee vs the cable co taking a cut, and that's why they wont do it. Lets say it cost TWC 10/month to offer HBO, and we get charged 15/month, TWC is the one blocking you having HBO as a stand alone product bc they want that 5/month profit, while HBO is like sweet we just made 5/month more and don't have to deal with uplink issues at the cable company.


Fremont, OH
He also fails to mention why cable is higher than DirecTV and Dish* and why its higher than U-Verse in most areas? After all they both have to go to the same companies for those rights.


Des Plaines, IL
cable has higher box fees then the other guys.


Fremont, OH
Very true! TWC MidWest, LLC now charges $9 per box for new customers, and is required to receive any channels, including the locals. Gotta love it!