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Bolivar, MO
reply to chrisd11

Re: Has anyone here tried unlimited4g.com yet?

Should probably be moved to wireless users chat instead.

North, VA
said by m12345s:

Should probably be moved to wireless users chat instead.

+1 Agree


Incidentally, we use Millenicom and still have a half dozen devices out in the field with them.

I work for a company that provides communication and internet to insurance companies, relief agencies (gov and others), and anyone that needs temporary connections. Last year we spent $1.3 million on this kind of stuff.

Millenicom is a fine company, and we still use them where Verizon is needed. But creating a trouble ticket online as opposed to picking up the phone and having a live body that can answer your questions in real time, for me there is no comparison. I know Millenicom contracts for after hours phone support, but it is not the same, I have never spoken to the same person twice, and they are following prompts on a computer screen. When I call the other guys, they recognize my company without an account number or other identifier.

A day or two after Sandy hit New Jersey, I thought my day was done when I got a panic call about 7:45PM (EST). We needed two more modems and a router in Manhattan the next day. I called WNWifi, and even though FedEx had picked up 4 hours earlier, they put it together and took it to the FedEx office so it would get out that night. FedEx didn't deliver it until late afternoon, but that was FedEx's fault. I have no idea how far that detour is, it may even be on thei way home, but the fact that they were willing to do that made a big difference to me.

Millenicom has some advantages, I can buy the same modem and turn it on and off as needed, with WNW I don't buy the modem, but I have to return it when were are through with it.

Sorry if I violated some protocol by answering Chris and Jims questions.