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This is a sub-selection from Obligatory rant from Tennessee

Yo Soy Col. "Bat" Guano
Philly burbs

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reply to OhReally

Re: Obligatory rant from Tennessee

Oh please, spare me the self righteous bullshit. People singing happy birthday and and taking pictures in front of statues have no clue. Even if they did, it's a totally different animal and you clearly know it.

If I travel & take a picture in front of a statue with a friend, just how do I compensate the copyright holder? Where do I pay for participating in a happy birthday singalong?

If I install file sharing software on my computer in order to download popular music or a movie that's only in theaters then I clearly know what I'm doing.

Making every effort to consume content from what I believe to be authorized providers whom I am paying proper compensation isn't self righteous. It's being a law abiding citizen.

Go on being a thief (or an advocate for the same). If it makes you feel good to call me self righteous, so be it. It doesn't make what you are doing, or what you advocate right.....
Petty people are disproportionally corrupted by petty power


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LOL I almost wet my pants with the Happy Birthday example. Yea buddy, thats the same as illegally downloading a movie while its still in theaters.

These thieves are so entertaining, I probably wouldnt come to this website if they didnt flock here.


reply to N3OGH
Please point out to me where I admitted to any thievery or infringement or advocated the same. You can't, because I didn't.

I, however, can easily point out your own statement:

I can honestly say I've never violated copyright.

There's nothing honest about that. It is a bold claim that cannot possibly be true. I was merely pointing out that it is impossible to be entirely guilt-free when it comes to modern copyright law. And claiming to be guilt-free while preaching to everyone else is incredibly hypocritical.

As so many have pointed out, infringement is infringement -- no matter how big or small. Whether committed against the rich or poor, corporations or individuals, online or offline, intentionally or unintentionally. The law still considers it all infringement and therefore wrong. And fair use only counts once you have proven it in a court of law.

It's pretty clear that the one being self-righteous is you.

Have a nice day!


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I can honestly say I've never violated copyright.
.... and being so damn intelligent, you should be able to conclude that he's referring to uploading/downloading music/movies/software on the internet. He even explains himself fully following that quote anyway.

But thanx for explaining how everyone breaks copyright every single day, in an attempt to justify people who maliciously infringe on copyrighted material via the 'net.

There is no justification, its against the law. The end.


reply to N3OGH
Warner/Chappell Music currently collects royalties for the Commercial use of "Happy Birthday", private performances of the song do not require compensation.