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Tavistock NJ

Sprint offers options on 2 privacy pgms for mobile phones

Sprint has offered in a mailing, with their monthly bill, 2 options related to privacy and the delivery of ads to your mobile device.

One is called the Mobile Advertising Program and is "OPT-IN" so that ads you get are supposed to be more relevant based on your personal info.

The second is an "OPT-OUT" of their Reporting & Analytics Program, which collects info about you(including location info) that Sprint wants to aggregate and sell to other companies.

You can choose your opt-in and opt-out decisions here: »
or call 1-855-596-2397 from your Sprint mobile phone

Attached is the relevant document in the mailing that I scanned in and created the JPEG picture.

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Carrollton, TX
Thanks for sharing the information! Both the privacy options offered by the sprint OPT-IN & OPT-OUT are useful to the customers.