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Saint-Leonard, QC
reply to koitsu

Re: [hard drive] Brought PC to change Power supply now the hard

Thanks , i blocked the case fan and the noise was still there so it might be the cpu fan but i didn't hear nothing also i did disconnect the hard drive and the noise wasn't there.

I don't have the computer since it's at the store and i had to go and get it friday but thursday i slip in the hallway and fell the stair to the basement in my house so i can't really lift nothing so il go get it when i feel better and il try to record the noise again.


Rosedale, WV
reply to koitsu
I was reading down thru this after listening to the video thinking....Thats a fan with a non oiled bushing rattling.

Bumping the Fan can remedy this for the short term. You can put a small drop of oil on the sleeve bearing for a longer fix. Or buy a new fan.
If it turns out to be a fan issue. I honestly fix more fans then anything else anymore. There is a method to disassemble of them and the little "C" plastic white clip under the sticker on the back. Clean them with a stiff miniature paint brush gently as not to break the hair copper wire. Put one drop of your favorite thick oil ( I use Marvel Mystery Oil) and reassemble. This works with house fans as well.

Mountain View, CA
reply to Mont
Your system has multiple fans; it may have one case fan, but there are also GPU fans that can make this same type of noise. You gotta narrow it down, but it shouldn't take too much time.

I agree with Tweakbl See Profile's analysis -- it really does sound like a fan and not a hard disk. I just replace fans rather than oil them, because more often than not the manufacturer doesn't provide a hole for access to the sleeve bearing (no reason for this either, other than to make you buy replacement parts rather than service/repair existing ones).
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Saint-Leonard, QC
I bought the Hard Drive today and the noise is not there anymore as i did verify the fans and they are fine.

Thank you to everyone.


Florence, KY
reply to bbear2
HDDs are not sealed. They all have a breather hole somewhere with a filter on it, so that as the air inside heats up, the correct pressure is maintained to keep the read/write head assembly at the proper height off the platter. However, they survive fine with dust caked up on them, it is still not at all likely that dusting out the system would harm it, but liquid getting in that vent hole would, as would anything completely impermeable blocking the vent altogether. Sometimes the vent is a visible hole and other times there's a channel under the cover to a gap on the side of the cover.

Either way, it seems like the HDD bearings were nearly shot and it was bumped enough to damage them to the point that they're now going to wear out fast. First step in a case like this should always be to copy off the most important data, then think about imaging the whole drive to a backup file or another drive. Don't even scan for errors first, sometimes drives have very little time left running before they fail completely.


Saint-Leonard, QC
Thanks , i did a clone of the hard drive that same day.