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Glastonbury, CT

[CT] Strange Latency/Packet Loss issue please help?

Ok, I have been having this mysterious problem for months now and after posting on many different websites and talking to many technicians I still haven't solved this issue. I have COX HSI 25 meg download package and my connection seems flawless. I have constant download speed, my modem has great signal and I can ping a server across the country in less than 100 ms. For some odd reason I get choppy line quality while using online applications especially Xbox live, even though all speed tests read perfectly. A cox technician even told me my line looked perfect, he couldn't understand the problem. I've tested two modems Docsis 2.0 and Docsis 3.0 (the one cox gave me) as well as two routers both wireless N, I've even tried 3 different consoles, hardware isn't the issue. I've tried directly hard-wiring consoles to the modem, still get choppiness. The lag can be described as extremely short jerks and pauses while in online games and my son can barely talk to his friends on Xbox live because their voices are too choppy to understand. My neighbor across the street has the same ISP/Package but doesnt have this issue. Its very strange to me because while we play online our connections read 4 bars which is (low latency) but still experience this lag which looks like packet loss. All ports are opened and we can connect to people perfectly. I have tried changing my MTU settings and it barely did anything (changed the MTU from 1500 to lower values 1472,1460,1356). I'm posting this on the DSL reports forum because this is the last option I have before calling COX workers to come to my house and look at my line, but please for the love of god If anyone has any suggestions id appreciate it, this mysterious issue has been driving me nuts!



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It does sound like a line quality problem, but it might be worth bypassing the router temporarily to eliminate it as the cause. If you do not have a utility like Pingplotter to analyze packet loss, I would suggest using two tools here at DSLR:



Run the simple pingtest first to see what it turns up and then run the smokeping utility over a 24 hour period to see what your line quality looks like for an extended period of time.

Another quick test you can run is the pingtest.net utility that will take a quick look at your line quality:


Cox is generally not too impressed with any of these reports as they utilize resources outside of the Cox network, but running them will giver you a clue about what might be going on. You've indicated that your signal levels are fine, but is the SNR satisfactory?, Are you seeing reasonable error counts? The Cox HSI FAQ at the link below outlines what you should find in the modem diagnostics interface:

»Cox HSI Forum FAQ »What should my modem signal levels be?

If you don't get a satisfactory resolution locally, consider contacting one of the Cox representatives here in this forum. They are excellent and their reach into all things Cox is impressive.

»Cox HSI Forum FAQ »Who are the authorized Cox employees that provide support on this forum?

Good luck!

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