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Glendale, AZ

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reply to PX Eliezer70

Re: CallCentric posts commentary on many crucial issues.

Yes the other business were idiots for either placing the generators or the fuel and associted pumps in a basement of subbasement.
Emergency and bad things can mean flooding thus basement are bad for that.
How many splice cases opened by a thirty year supposedly 5 9's tech put back together quick as oh well in it again next week to fix something. A one at a time fix plus too lazy to reseal it each time properly. Or break the case and if outside put a plastic slicker over it and send to someone else. Then a major weather thing. Not our fault.

Sure they want a sweet address and live in New York. Maybe a time for a move.


North Richland Hills, TX

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said by nonymous:

Sure they want a sweet address and live in New York. Maybe a time for a move.

Did you read (or understand) what Iscream meant when he wrote that CallCentric is a CLEC? The very definition of CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) precludes moving their offices somewhere else. It's like saying that Verizon should move their Manhattan COs (Central Offices) to Oklahoma.

PX Eliezer70
Hutt River
One main reason that CallCentric [is what it is], is the massive direct interconnectivity they have with prime carriers, networks, and backbones as Iscream discussed in his post.

It's been developed over a long period of time (the presence of telecom on that site predates CC as a company) and would be impossible to meaningfully duplicate in any practical sense*.

Sort of like trying to have Lindsay Lohan duplicate Elizabeth Taylor....

*(That's a separate issue from the need for having some type of auxiliary C3 salt mine capability. That will come.)

Glendale, AZ
There are other major areas were telco collide. Heck even Phoenix has some decent connections passing through it or nearby. Just way to hot and cooling costs are extreme.

Now one reason to pick NY would be the international undersea connections to particular countries. Though Florida and some other east coast states have some and so does the west coast except of course to different countries. So maybe the underseas connections available in NY and the countries are important?