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reply to camper

Re: A tale of two Cable Companies

said by camper:

Ironically, when Comcast finally returned their service to my house, one of the first things I saw was one of Comcast's lame cable vs. satellite commercials. The commercial boasted how much better cable is because you don't lose cable service during a storm.

In some cases that statement is true. Don't think for a second during Sandy the high wind gusts wouldn't disrupt satellite service while cable generally still works barring a power outage/lines snapping from debris/trees.

However you also have extreme circumstances where a couple local facilities where shutdown due to flood waters in North Jersey and New York.

Personally in my case that commercial was true: sure during Sandy I lost power twice for a total of 14 hours however when the power was restored the cable still worked. I consider myself extremely fortunate because Sandy was no ordinary storm. My heart and prayers goes out to those who where less fortunate.