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reply to resa1983

Re: CNOC Files w/ CRTC Against Rogers

said by resa1983:

I wouldn't say ignored. I'd say someone who is much more experienced than I, read my submission, took information I gathered, and put it into a submission the CRTC would take much more seriously and accept.

No Resa. Your submission should should be taken equally as serious as JF's submission or Bell's submission.

Don't put yourself down or even think that you are less important or less serious.

You did well. You showed and brought up Rogers lies that both CNOC and JF missed at first chance. The Harper governments CRTC *chose* to ignore you.

I hope you now explore how to file an access to Information request to see all the info that was used to judge this case. I would also hope JF does as well.

I've never done one so i'm access to Information dumb. But I'm sure JF would help you if you asked him. Or maybe someone else here who has experience in it.

Then you can post it for all to see.

You did very well and are also seeing how for years people have been screaming and the CRTC just ignores everyone except for Bell and Rogers. Even when they are blatantly lying through their teeth and everyone knows it (yet the Harper CRTC chooses to pretend it doesn't exist).