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Nashville, TN

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reply to BlueArcher

Re: 24 Mbps package

I gotta say.. I am really not all that pleased with the performance of this line so far. Let's do some math.

My aggregate line rate is 28798 Kbps (28.12 Mbps). This is a pretty hefty oversync to account for PPPoE and ATM overhead. Consider a nominal overhead of 13%, and you get 25054.26 Kbps (24.47 Mbps). So we know that with my sync rates I should easily achieve over 24 Mbps throughput in real world use. I will just round down and use the advertised rate 24 Mbps, which should give 3072 KB/s actual download speeds.

11:30 PM

Right now I have a large download running at 1300 KB/s. That should leave over 1700 KB/s for other things, which is more than my old 12 Mbps package had in total bandwidth. If I try to add a YouTube video, at 1080p, it buffers every few seconds. Lower it to 720p. It buffers every few seconds. Lower it to 480p. It just barely keeps up with the video playing, but it doesn't buffer.

Windstream's own speed test site is giving me less than 4 Mbps ratings on single stream tests.

With nothing else running, or even plugged in to the network, speeds are all over the map, none of them I would call acceptable:

user formerly known as 'bsc'


That's disappointing to hear BlueArcher. Hopefully Windstream gets the new speeds working better.


Lexington, KY
Yea! Here's hoping they get the kinks worked out!