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Re: Firefox Introduces New Social Messenger-Chat in v17

I have a Facebook account but I have zero use for this feature. This is for those who stay logged in to Facebook all the time.

Me... I log in, do my thing and log out, normal session is less that 5 minutes. I don't chat, it's turned off. I don't need instant notification. I get notifications by email, I only check that maybe once a day. I don't even log in every day, sometimes not even once a week.

Sure I can't leave it off, but this should be an add-on, not a feature. There are a lot of things going in to Firefox that should be add-ons.

That said I'm not looking for a replacement, I like Firefox and will continue to use it. I just wish they would quite adding non-browser features.
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reply to Racerbob
said by Racerbob:

Please explain to me how on Earth this slows Firefox down ? How does it cause instabilities ? Does this mean that you have little faith in those fine folks who are on the Firefox team ?

Well gee more code slows it down and can introduce more bugs plan and simple. This is pure bloatware nothing more. What is next stunt having avg antivirus being included in code like waterfox did. It was opt in also.

Yep, starting to have little faith in those folks that felt it was necessary to incorporate this into the base code. Wonder if FB gave them some kind of donation to do this.

Webster, NY
We shall agree to disagree. I respect your opinions. This version of FF seems to run just as fast for me as the previous one. If the Facebook people donated to Mozilla, then so be it. If it helps their organization to continue R&D on their projects and to keep up wit the times so to speak in the internet world , then I am all for it.

I do play with Chrome a little. I would use it more if the Chrome people were not so stubborn about adding a bookmark side panel that I could keep open all the time like I do in FF.

So all this means is that we all have our likes and dislikes and preferences.

Have any of you folks here written to Mozilla yet this week to voice your objections or opinions as you have here ? Is there anyone directly associated with the Mozilla team that reads these posts or is a member here ?

Idledale, CO
reply to chachazz
It's the ubiquity of FB that's annoying. You can log into almost everything now with a FB password.

Employers are demanding FB passwords at times, schools demanding kids FB passwords. Articles posted about how non-FB users are "terrorists" since they don't belong to the norm. I don't care for this attitude. Whether you use FB or not is your decision - not some idiot worried about social norms.

If Mozilla is smart, they will allow a custom install of all the extra stuff that some don't want without having to tweak the config. And stick with that policy of not installing or enabling on update without letting users know.

Mozilla also has to be upfront about what is being added with each version or update, not just update.