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Re: GW2: Mesmer Thread

Last night I decided to try the evasive deception spec first. It is really nice to have clones on dodge, but the bleeds they apply doesn't seem to last very long (and I don't think my +duration traits/gear affects their bleeds, not sure about my +cond dmg).

For general questing I think the mobs are dying fast enough (at least in zones at or below my level), so before I logged off I changed it to 20 in domination (+power) to get clones apply cripple on death and +50 power to GS and 20% reduction GS skills and give that a whirl tonight. ~5 sec cooldown (from 8) on GS #2, and ~12 on iBerzerker, should be pretty nice.

In case anyone is not following it, the latest patch they fixed it such that you require LOS to spawn phantasms to stop PvP'ers from throwing phantasms without seeing their enemies. Unfortunately, the way they fixed it made it such that ANY LOS issues, like terrain being bumpy, will cause a phantasm summoning to fail and the skill to go on cooldown. This happens quite often, so I am careful to summon iBerzerker on flat land :P

In addition, the iBerzerker seems to be missing a few hits of its initial spin, probably from the fix that fixes throw weapons that gets more dmg as it hits more enemies. Bad QA, ArenaNet, Bad. Again, I've been pretty unhappy with the last patch, I rather they work on bugs and class fixes than one time buggy events.

Edit: Oh, phantasm summoning will also fail now if you get blocked, dodged, etc (treated like a spell), which I think is silly. A lot of them have secondary effect besides the damage (like regen to nearby allies) that should stick around even its "attack" miss. In general a lazy and bad fix.