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[Rant] Goodbye Mediacom

I just stopped by to let you know you've lost another customer. I switched to Mediacom 5 years ago because at the time your bundle deal saved me money and offered better internet speeds. Since then the price has tripled and the service has become incredibly unreliable. I actually had 3 outages in one day this week. Even when I have service the speeds fluctuate wildly and half my tv channels flip between color and black and white.

There was a time when I raved about Mediacom. In fact, 3 of my co-workers switched because I bragged about my speeds and how much money I was saving. Well they have all left you and now I have too.

There is no need to contact me to try and work it out. It’s over. Frontier will be here in 2 days to install DSL. I’m not writing this to try and get something. I’m writing this to warn anyone who may read this to stay away from Mediacom.

Mediacom is absolutely the worst service I have ever had. I would have been more satisfied buying ocean front property in Iowa.

Bloom County
Hopefully Frontier will work out better - they seem to have their issues as well.