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This is a sub-selection from Obligatory rant from Tennessee


reply to CptSpaulding

Re: Obligatory rant from Tennessee


OK, so 99% of the material downloaded via Torrents is Illegal. Get real man. Every time Ive seen someone using Torrents, its 20 copyrighted movies in queue.


Cincinnati, OH
I am not saying "everyone", I'm saying just b/c you use torrents doesn't mean you pirate. This whole comment section is BS. Sounds like some Time Warner employee in here. birdfeedr probably has a torrent client running now seeding all kinds of copyright material. Who really gives a shit.

Warwick, RI
said by CptSpaulding:

birdfeedr probably has a torrent client running now seeding all kinds of copyright material.

Actually I don't. I think I've used a torrent client three times, and in every instance, to locate and download published material that is out of print. One was a repair manual.

»Re: [Northeast] Available FiOS Internet usage meters?
Does this look like a bandwidth chart for a person seeding torrents.
And, an explanation of my typical usage. »Re: [Northeast] Available FiOS Internet usage meters?

And, you're right, I really don't care.

Now, in this age of bought and complicated laws, I know what an ordinary person would consider reasonable and fair use. I stay within that boundary, and don't have any problems sleeping at night or worrying whether I will get some false positive.

If I do, I assure you it won't be me paying for my defense after I'm done. Somebody's going to be the test case, and I seriously doubt it will be me, but I won't shy away from it if it comes to pass.

My original post was really an attempt at sarcasm, because so many on both sides of the question get their panties in a twist over this.