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This is a sub-selection from Boggles my mind

reply to amungus

Re: Boggles my mind

said by amungus:

Truly sucks. Can't imagine being a kid, all happy to play a brand new game, only to be stuck with this, especially via a 3G or sat. connection... seriously... what are kids who are in the middle of nowhere supposed to do? Imagine being one of the unlucky ones who ends up breaking their damn system by simply doing what they thought was "the right thing." The amount of anger and needless pain this will cause people is just sad.

Every time I fire up my PS3, seems like I'm also greeted with another mess of an update, which diminishes my time/interest in using it for gaming or Netflix. This sucks even worse for Nintendo.

3G/4G wireless would be horrible. Especially if you are over your cap for the month. It would cost you $10-15 for that download.

Satellite... if you have Hughesnet (not-gen4) you wouldn't even be able to download it with the small daily caps.