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Iowa native
Springfield, MA
·Verizon Broadban..

They have a right to protect their revenues

I am sure if it was not for government regulation and net neutrality, they'd charge to allow Netflix on their pipes. It would be the same as having the delivery guys from Home Depot deliver your appliances from Sears or Lowe's.

Caps are not an issue for me since I get my TV content from Comcast.

While I am in favor of breaking up broadband monopolies, I do think the incumbent providers should have a right to charge for access to their networks if the customer uses a third party ISP (just like in the '90s, you had to pay for a phone line to access your ISP and you still had to pay your ISP separately). When I first got Internet, I had WebTV and then when I got my first computer (an iMac 333 MHz G3 PowerPC processer), I got my dial-up Internet through the phone company (which was at the time Qwest since I was living in Iowa) then moved to broadband (cable modem through Mediacom since Qwest did not have DSL at my location).


Fremont, OH
·AT&T U-Verse
Net Neutrality???? Where? The guidelines that the FCC published was just that. They were unenforceable guidelines. The courts even ruled as such as the FCC gave up their right to regulate the Internet a long time ago when it decided the Internet was an Information Services and NOT a communications service to deregulate DSL and next generation networks, also with the Brand X case.

And what is funny is you are in favor of breaking up these companies, but yet many of them brought you what you have and you brag about the one being the highest power---Verizon?? How can you want to destroy their business while loving them at the same time?