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Little Hocking, OH

FAIL all around...

So I have already spoken to techs on this forum, and thought I'd cross reference with a tech watching Windstream's twitter handle this morning. (@Talk2Windstream). I get the standard reply asking for my phone number for further investigation, but after a short back and forth with the tech, here's the last response I received:

ME: What exactly is a "speed outage", and what is the potential resolution for this problem? How soon can I expect a resolution?

TECH: Its an issue causing slow speeds typically during peak hours. No ETR at this time.

ME: What's the issue?

...and I have yet to get a reply to my last question. Who do these people think they are fooling, honestly?


Little Hocking, OH

As I continue to read thread after thread, it truly amazes me how a company could have absolutely no respect for their customer, whatsoever. I mean, most of us don't have another option. We live in the country, and if we had another provider available, we would dump WS in a heart beat. They know that, and they know that this day in age, people aren't going to live without internet. What's a shame is there's no honesty. Do your homework, find truthful and accurate updates for these problems, and present them to your customer. That is, unless no one has any idea what's going on, and therefore just has nothing else to say.

I know I would appreciate the truth, regardless of whether my service is fixed or not. I'm stuck with WS unless I go satellite, but it would still be nice for someone to come out and just tell the truth. Its blatantly obvious that WS has network issues, and that they have oversubscribed their hardware. They will simply continue to jerk our chain until something better comes along...

The day I find out I've got another ISP option, I will be leaving WS. Its no way to run a business, and its definitely no way to treat your customer...


Cairo, GA
reply to cwine

Amanda is really friendly, she handles both the Facebook and Twitter stuff..but is useless with actually getting anything done. She is just a mouth piece to say I am sorry you are having trouble, want me to look into that for you. Sorry, we don't have a ETR on when that will be fixed.



The outage is they oversold the bandwidth, notice how it drops as soon as school lets out, work, after dinner? Thats because they signed up and added more dsl accounts than they can handle. So they wont fix it for months or years, it will require digging new line and putting in new equipment.

They probably will not fix it because they may be about to go under. They took all that fed money that the taxpayers had to shell out, and did what with it exactly? They are a dishonest sketchy company, ripoff people they know have no other option. They have a stinking monopoly in these areas. I hope the feds find illegal doings on their end, and prosecute the corporate guys.


Swanton, OH
reply to cwine

12 MB service:


Campobello, SC
reply to cwine

A copy and paste apology with either no ETR or a 2013 ETR seems to be the run around of choice given out by Windstream. As others have stated, its simply oversold bandwidth. Their fault yet we are paying for their greed and mistakes. They need new equipment in so many places but refuse to upgrade. Windstream will milk every last day of use out of the older hardware if at all possible, even though their customers are practically getting dial up speeds as a result. Nicely done Windstream...


Jefferson, GA

For yet another day ws has been down for hours today.
I check here on my 4g phone hoping for some news.
Its impossible for my kids to do their homework or for me to balance my checkbook all online. I mean hours a day being down every single day? When are we finally going to sue for service??????



I am not even getting dial up speed. How in the hell are they continuing to do business like this is beyond me. I think we need to start holding senators and state reps responsible because they should be doing something at this point. This isnt some lone little place in the middle of nowhere having these issues...its nationwide. WTF are we paying the politicos for if not to do their job?

They need to step in and the American public has to push them or nothing will happen if all we do is complain on a useless forum that these isp's just ignore. I am sorry but how long has this been ongoing, think about it. Nothing is being done because no one is holding the government up to task. Its their job to step in when a nationwide company is behaving like this.