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Re: Slow speeds every night

Spoke with technical service
I told them that this has been an ongoing issue for months.
Ive replaced the modem, my line quality tests are fine, I'm less than a mile from the DSLAM and speeds only go down during peak hours.
They put me on hold and told me they were aware of the congestion problem in my area and they are addind bandwith to the location by the end of December.
Hopefully they are not pulling my leg.
Contracts up and if speeds dont get better, Im going over to Cable


Lawton, MI

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Where are you located? I am in Lawton, Michigan, and I am having the same issue. I have called tech support several times. First call was 3 weeks ago, and they said they were aware of the issue, and it should be fixed within a week, but it still slows way down at night. I have the 7mb down, 768k up package, and it runs great during the day, but in the evening, download slows to less than 1Mb at times.

I also have another line with DSL Extreme (7000/768) on the Frontier backbone that I use for my business, and that line does not slow down at night. So some of their circuits are overloaded at night when everyone must be watching Netflix/YouTube.


Im located in Dutchess County, NY
I think the business DSL is connected to different equipment.


I was informed that they will have all the CO's connected to the new fiber ring (in WV) by the end of December that there is equipment at some of the CO's that still needing swapped out in order to be able to go onto that new fiber ring.


Thanks, I'm in NY so maybe its something happening throughout Frontiers footprint.
I hope so because my contract is up and these slow speeds are ridiculous.


Every single night during prime time I've been having horrible internet as well. Latency is all over the place in games, getting disconnected, etc. The SNR and Atten are fine and normal. It's apparently packet loss. When I run a program to continually ping google I run a steady 10% loss and also see 10%+ packet loss while on a teamspeak server. It's bad enough I only have access to 4mbit/768kbit but then not even being able to do what I'd like during the evening is too much. I'll be contacting Frontier and complaining.

I'm in Pennsylvania, so I'm fed from Rochester.