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Collinsville, VA

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Re: IA Century Link Faster Speeds?

Have you called centurylink and asked them if you could upgrade? If it is possible try to talk to a tech if you see one where the fiber is being ran he could be able to tell you if they are doing speed upgrades.
Based on the downstream attenuation a estimate your line is probably capable of about 6mbps and you have to factor in overhead. So 3 Mbps might be all you can get if the line stats can't get any better you could also try to get a tech out to look at the line and see if there are any damages or bridge taps


Davenport, IA
I did when I called and asked why I was not getting 7mb when I was told I would and they then said the highest was 3mb. Kind of disappointing really. They said they didn't have any of that information. I'm not sure how or what it would take to get a real answer from them. I seem to get a different story every time.