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Space Elf
Mullica Hill, NJ
reply to Rexter

Re: Netflix Finally Comes To Linux! (Sort of...)

said by Rexter:

It's idiotic. You don't need to trust the environment if you trust your business model. Put the customer first, have a great product at a fair price. Provide good service, and a great customer experience, you will make money. Spend all your time, and resources worrying about who might be getting one over on you, and you'll loose money.

Idiotic is the best way to describe the entertainment industry. They are the embodiment of anti-consumer. This is because their industry has zero competition. You cannot say get Game of Thrones from anyone else legally other than HBO or someone who they have licensed.

On the other hand I can goto any supermarket and get a box of cereal. As such the supermarkets have to want my business rather than say me being legally required to go to Shop Rite.
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