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This is a sub-selection from Dish used?


Edgewood, TX

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Re: Dish used?

I had Exede12/25 and it was running me $150 a month total. Paying that much with only 25GB of data which includes up and down is a total ripoff.

Even if all you do is watch Youtube videos, you're still sending data back to their servers while your streaming. So essentially you're getting double charged on each byte received and sent.

These new highspeed satellites that have gone live this year need to be marketed as cable and higher speed DSL. Give hefty data packages on them for people that want to watch movies and stream their favorite shows without having to waste money on 150 channels of crap from Dish or DirecTV.

start with 150GB and go up to 500GB for heavy users. Exede already has their LNFZ which theoretically if you used it to it's fullest extent, you could download nearly 1TB of data during the LNFZ timeslot during a month. So it's not about how much data you download after all.

when bandwidth becomes saturated on one satellite, then put another damn satellite up.

and I don't want to hear this drivel about satellites costing money. it costs far more to plant hundreds if not thousands of miles of fiber cable and terminate it at customers homes than building a satellite and launching it..