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Cliffside Park, NJ
reply to nycdave

Re: Business Quantum Speeds!!!

Thats fine if they want to replace the ONT, but then why not upgrade to 75/35 instead of forcing me to go to 150/65 and then paying an additional 100$


Plano, TX
I'm willing to bet you just had a stupid sales rep, if you talk them into upgrading to GPON (Even if that means ordering 150/65 for a day just to lower it back to 75/35 after they install the new ONT) you may have to explain the thinking behind that part to them.

That's why I usually just ask for a super when they tell me something I know isn't true. Thee supers sometimes have somewhat better critical thinking skills than your regular sales drone, sometimes...

Verizon's customer service is a PITA, all the money goes to the network. Always has, always will.