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Cleveland, OH

[TWC] Use Arris DG860 or keep my Linkysys E4200 router?

I just received my new momem from TWC when I upgraded to Extreme. They sent me an Arris DG860 and I know it does wifi and has 4 gigabit ports on it. I currently have a Linksys E4200 running DD-WRT and I am wondering if I should use only the arris or have them put it in bridge mode?

Is there any reason to NOT use it as a router?

I’d bridge it.

Your $200 flagship Linksys router is in all likelihood better than the Arris. Nothing against Arris, but Cisco is synonymous with networking. Not sure what the policy is in Ohio, but here in NY, the configuration pages are locked down, so you do not have control over your own network. Doing something as simple as changing your SSID or your WPA/2 passphrase is not allowed. A few weeks ago I swapped modems and got an Arris 852G, I had access to the configuration pages for a few hours, tried to log back in later that night and couldn’t do it. I have mine bridged with the Linksys 4500.

I’ve never used DD-WRT, but back in the day I flashed my old WRT54GS to Sveasoft and ran it for years. The extra features and options on it are incredible, I would imagine the same holds true for DD-WRT. You’ve got a hell of a router, running nice third party firmware, I see no reason to give that up for a mediocre at best router with locked down factory firmware.
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Webster, NY
reply to reno55
I agree with Steve. Continue to use your own router. My Linksys router has been running solid for a number of years now with no issues whatsoever. I run factory default firmware in it also. And, I much prefer having complete control over my own home network.

Charlotte, NC
I've got the same modem but an ea4500, def bridge it. The Arris is subpar, use the ea4200
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Gouverneur, NY
I have the same modem and i am able to get into the settings page via but do I just switch from routed with nat to bridge and restart modem and then router or do I need to shut off something else? Thanks kinda new to this stuff.


I disabled the wireless, then the dhcp, then switched to bridge, plugged in my router, rebooted it all and then setup my router....so much better than the built in router/wifi.

Raleigh, NC
reply to Happydude32

Cisco is synonymous with networking.

Except the EA(whatever) isn't a "Cisco". Cisco owns Linksys and puts their logo on it, but it is miles away from what "Cisco" means in the networking world.

The Arris is a decent router, but with a provider locking it down, you'd never know it. If you know what you're doing, you are definately better off using your own router.

(The WiFi in the thing is insane. Ours is on the 4th floor of a 6 story office building, back side, and I can see it from the parking lot at the front of the building. It's so loud my Nexus 7 cannot see it if it's in the same room. It's the only time I've ever seen a positive power level... +1dbmv and it then it's blind -- It's a business connection, so wifi is normally off.)