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East Amherst, NY
reply to jdjbuffalo

Re: media center?

Sounds to me like a Roku. I already have 2. The Ceton is a rip, however I like the idea. Anything over $100 is going to kill it.... My Roku was $50.

There's nothing here, if you can't integrate it w/ WxMC or the xbox 720, etc... For this to even be worthwhile, it will have to have central tuning/cloud/DVR capability otherwise it's a big FAIL?

I bought a refurbished xbox 360s for $120 with a turtle beach headphones and an extra remote.

I use W7MC (and have 4 xboxes), but I would definitely upgrade if the price were under $100, because only one of them is used for gaming.

MSFT is like the government, they have amazing assets but they squander them like crazy and come up with half a$$ products. My W7MC runs in a VM and has only had one event in 2 years (causing a quick reboot).

I dumped my Macbook and got a nice ultraportable SSD Lenovo (that works w/ my corporate apps and exchange). Love it.

Microsoft - What is wrong with you people? It's like they are the new Sony, run by committee. Nobody with any balls left over there. Old man Balmer is just asleep at the switch. If Gates were around things would be different. People think the CEO doesn't matter.... Sorry HP, you are done too. The committee is still pondering how to charge $120 for an ink cartridge.

If MSFT doesn't get their act together, once Tivo comes out w/ their IP boxes that'll be the way I probably go.

What good is casual gaming. That has already been lost to tablets. The boat sailed on that one too....

I'll never buy into a cable provider equipment, because it is a hassle and expensive to switch. Right now if I want to switch I pop out my FIOS CC and pop in a TWC cable card, and have W7MC update channels. As far as the users know, nothing changes.