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Re: Question about ping testing

Ping requests get dropped or treated differently if the network is under heavy load. So yahoo will have many drops high times as they don't have the capacity as google, so your priority is last for ping requests behind real traffic, increasing time for a response or dropped altogether.

Google being the force they are can handle so much more data and connections than probably anyone, so if their connections are never getting congested enough to drop ping requests, they go through fine.

People usually say to use google because they are the most reliable. I can't think of any other place that handles the shear amount of traffic as google AND remains one of the fastest most reliable services out there. I mean how often does google services go down, or get laggy, almost never, they are just so consistent that is a good destination to test against over time and expect similar results.

Tl:dr you may get 1000 one day and 600 another on yahoo and it is likely something at yahoo is causing that not your connections. But if all of a sudden your google numbers change, their reliability and consistency is high enough that it more than likely means something on the home or ISP end is causing the delay or drops. Not always, just more likely.