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Ozark, MO

[CenturyTel] Problems with CenturyLink and maybe a Modem recomme

Hello guys. I'm having a struggle with CenturyLink so I decided I had to make an account here.

My family has been using CenturyLink for our ISP since 2006. After recent problems I realized they have provided bad service. Recently starting around 2010 our internet speeds have diminished. From what my father says we our paying for 10 mbit speeds and unlimited national calling. We pay around $99 after taxes and I feel our service is nowhere near our experiences.

While we're paying for 10mbit we are currently only getting 3.5 mbit max. Not only that our ping and jitter has increased tremendously this year. We use to get single digits to a rare double digit in jitter and ping, but recently we have been getting high triple digits in both those categories.

A month or two ago our original modem started acting up. We had no internet for three days. Usually the problem was that after a big storm a lot of people lost services. Once or twice the connection diminished by itself and we had to set it up manually through the modem's ip address. But this time it was a hardware problem. Through almost an hour of Customer Support we realized it was a hardware problem and decided to get a replacement.

Well now we have a monthly reoccurring fee. This is because they "leased" a modem/router to us. We paid upfront for our original router, and never had a "lease fee" for the first five years. Why is it that we have to pay approximately $5 every month? Why did they not tell us prior to getting a replacement. They did not even give us a option to purchase it completely or rent it.

It's really frustrating to see their support having little knowledge. Their email support is of no help at all. All they can do is give us a number to talk with another person. Then you have to go through a long process of getting a hold of someone. Then the person who picks up has no idea how to help so they keep forwarding me. This wastes time for a college student/part-time worker.

I live in the Midwest. Ozark, Missouri to be precise and the only two viable choices for ISP are CenturyLink and SuddenLink. Obviously both of these ISP are crap as far as service and support go. Everyone in our family now has a cellphone so we are planning to get rid of our landline and look at SuddenLink's Internet only deals. Sadly they only display bundles so I had to contact them through email and am waiting on a response.

The worst case scenario is that we will have to stick with CenturyLink. If that is true then I hope to get rid of the monthly fee by the modem they "rented" us. So I was hoping someone here has recommendations on what modem I can buy online that will work with no problem. I use Newegg/TigerDirect a lot and there are some good amount of modems their but I need to know what has been tested to work.

If someone reads all this then thanks for reading it. I received two responses to my emails. Took about 5 days each, and none of them were of a help. It's time to get this situation together in my own hands with the help of others who have experienced this.

Thanks anyways. I'm going to be looking through other threads to see if anything helps me.


Ozark, MO

Re: [CenturyTel] Problems with CenturyLink and maybe a Modem rec

okay after taking my father's word for it, I did personal research to learn that we are actually paying for 3mbit service.

former qwest

3 M, good thing you don't live in Rogers. You don't "have" to rent: »qwest.centurylink.com/internethe···ems.html *note* some of this equipment is not capable of speeds over 7 Mb.

they call me Mr. Bill
North Las Vegas, NV
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Check with Best Buy and see if you can get one of the Actiontec C1000A modems in the CenturyLink packaging. It is ADSL and VDSL compatible. They carry them in the stores here for $99. Take the other modem back to CL and get the monthly rental fee removed.

If you still have problems, after that, send a detailed message with your contact and account info to: talktous@centurylink.com


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^ agreed

Boise, ID
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Hello xKrNMBoYx, this is B with the CenturyLink Help Team. I'm sorry to hear you've been having these issues with your DSL service. I wanted to see if you are still needing assistance with your service, which I'll be more than happy to help out with. Send me your information with our webform, and I'll be happy to help however I can: »bit.ly/IArNlt

Centurylink Help Team


Ozark, MO

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reply to xKrNMBoYx
Alright I'll just give an update to my situation. After a few more emails and a call with CenturyLink I received an email saying they will stop charging me fees for the modem and refund the fees we paid for the modem so far. As far as the performance of the internet goes it's about the same.

I have noticed one problem. The internet disconnects from the internet sometimes when we get calls on our land line (centurylink phone.) From what I remember this occurs when phone's are connected to the rj-11 or phone lines without adapters. Well I checked all of our phones that connect to the rj-11 ports and they all have adapters. We had this issue with our old modem about a year ago, but after double checking the phone connections and adapters the problem went away.

The only thing that may causes this is what kind of adapters I am using. The original adapters plugged into one rj-11 port. The adapter itself split into two (internet and phone.) Well the adapters that came with the new modem did not have "split" ends. They only had a slot for internet.

Can anyone help?


I would also like some suggestions on something else. I have a dual band wireless router that is capable of 300mbps for each band. I'm not using it currently because I have yet to bridge it with my modem, and do not have any dualband adapters yet. I've also been researching on powerline networking.

I know that powerline can be "iffy" depending on how your house is wired up. Although I live in a semi-country area there has been an tremendous increase in wireless activity/setups in my neighborhood. I remember from my home I could only detect about 4 other wireless networks just a year or two ago, but now there are ten to twenty more networks. I'm afraid that the amount of networks will reduce the performance of mine due to overlapping channels or other things. What should I do? We can still stream videos, and play games decently currently. I'm trying to avoid decrease of performance.

I'll explain are usual usage. We are a family of four. Several hours a day 3-4 of us are streaming good quality videos. At the same time 2-3 us are browsing the internet. One of us uses skype with 1-8 people while playing a online game like League of Legends or Maple Story. All of this happens at once usually. For our expectations the internet performs well enough, but online gaming is a bit weak with high ping, and occasional disconnects with skype. Do you think using the 5GHz band or a PowerLine setup would help the people using Wireless. We've gamed on wireless for a few years now, but everywhere I read about gaming recommends wired internet.

What do you guys feel is a better choice? Getting Dual-Band adapters or a Western Digital Powerline setup? For the dual-band adapters I would purchase two rosewill adapters which will cost me $59.98. The Western Digital powerline setup will cost me $59.99.