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Pomona, CA
reply to McBane

Re: Business Quantum Speeds!!!

Mcbane, were you on Telllabs bpon or Moto? Thats the difference

said by McBane:

Oh damn they more than double down on you for a /26 then, that sucks...

Onedollar, I'm on GPON with business 75/35. If they tell you they can't do that it's BS. They probably are trying to get the 150 sale, but lying to do it isn't the way to go, but doesn't surprise me in the least for a verizon sales rep to pull something like that. Sometimes the trick is to just ask for a super or just keep calling back till you get someone with half a brain. Most of the time when I got a ticket open for something they resolved it properly since it's actual engineers working on the issue and not some sales or tech support drone, the tickets just takes some time to get completed.

The old motorola or Tellabs BPON, I forget the exact one but it's the first fios ONT that came out, does have issues going over 35Mbps though (But that doesn't explain why 50/20 is an option)