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Naperville, IL
reply to Grimm

Re: Halo 4

said by Grimm:

Best way to kill elites/knights on legendary is to take down their shields asap and then use a precision weapon to headshot them. Headshots are easier on the elites, but it is possible on the knights.

To take down their shields, the storm rifle and plasma pistol are ballin. then use a DMR/BR/Light Rifle/Carbine to headshot them.

-The needler works wonders. On the elites, if it explodes, they die. Can't say I've tried on a knight.

Another note for Spartan Ops: Don't be afraid to die. It will happen and as long as you use that 'life' to do as much damage to the enemy forces as possible, you'll be good. Really, I only have problems with the Prometheans so my kill order is as follows:
Watchers > Crawlers > Knights

Watchers first because it's never fun to have to kill a Knight a second time. Crawlers next because they are one shot kills. Then Knights when they are the last you need to worry about.

I've also never been a fan of using the Active Camo against AI as they always seem to know you're there regardless. Now Hologram on the other hand works freakin wonders! They fall for that shit all the time! Even if its just long enough to come out and pop a few small guys in the head and duck back behind cover, it works.

Concussion rifle; can't say I've seen one yet or remember it. I also have not played Episode 3 yet.

Once the shields are down, Elites drop easily. Its the getting the shields down fast enough that can be problematic. Especially when there are 3-4 in a group and at least one of them is carrying a fuel rod cannon. As for the needler, not a huge fan of that particular weapon.

Oh Im not afraid to die... I just dislike being respawned in the middle of a butt ton of enemies.

I use the same order for Prometheans... You really have to take out those Watchers first. The big issue with them... if Im using a precision weapon other than a sniper rifle, it takes multiple shots and they often fly out of the line of sight before they die. Unless Im just not shooting them in the right spot. If thats the case... someone fill me in on the "headshot" for Watchers.

Active Camo usually works pretty well for picking off the bad guys, but every once in awhile the AI just knows where you are and will hunt you down regardless of the camo. Active Camo didnt work so well in Episode 3 Chapter 1. I'll switch out the AC on one of my loadouts and try the Hologram.