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Keansburg, NJ

storm cleanup update

Got a few emails checking in on the family and I and my neighborhood as far as the storm damage, figured I'd post here.....good a place as any.

First, hello folks, been awhile, but I do monitor things here.

First off, keansburg got hit hard because of four storm surges broke through the dunes. One floodgate gone.
The towns to the left of us and tight got hit hardest along the bayshore line to sandy hook, (the ocean).
Union beach got hit the hardest, the town on our left. 35% house leveled.
65% water damaged beyond livability. All houses condemned by fema, if not all, most.
Driving through the day after my wife cried and we parked and helped out a few houses clean things out.
Keansburg's flood zones, all streets except mine and the top cross street where the public works and water dept. are. We got wind damage and fallen tree syndrome.
Parts of my fences fell and a neighbors large metal shed flew 50ft up and into my yard wedging between fence and pool, thankfully, or it would have crashed through my bedroom.
We had a looting problem and had to stand outside with a bon fire 4 nights in a row. The neighbors all took turns with me and all of us were armed with consent from the local police.
Fema and the national guard were on hand in surrounding neighborhoods and the national guard stayed in union beach, as they had the most damage.

We are safe and are continuing our volunteering throughout keansburg and union beach.

Anyone wanting to see pictures you can visit the asbury park press hurricane sandy section or picture section.

see ya'll soon.
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