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Carlisle, PA
reply to batsona

Re: Symptomps of a failing fuel pump...

said by batsona:

OP here: $1,100 for installation of fuel pump & filter!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????? I'm going to be signing the title over to the mechanic who [tried] to fix it, and I'm the proud owner of a 2007 Grand Cherokee 3.7 V6 with 55K miles. Monthly payment is $300 on the nose for 72 months, but will pay it off much sooner than that. The mechanic will eat the tow cost, and diag cost (~$300), and I walk away free.

So let me get this straight. Rather than spending $1100 and having a working car you:

1. Gave your car away which, even in fair condition is worth around $3000 as a trade.

2. Signed up for a 5 year old car that is from one of the least reliable brands. Look at JD Power, Jeep is one of the bottom brands for dependability.

3. On this 5 year old car, you ar financing it for another 6 years, so in the end you will be paying on a 11 year old car. For that privelage you will pay $21,600...

Makes absolutely no sense.....I wouldn't want to be paying $300 for the next 6 years on a car that is 5 years old today! You could have probably walked out with a new car for 72 months @ $300/mo rather than something used....