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Fair and Balanced
Katy, TX

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reply to silbaco

Re: Updates are smooth and trouble free with the WII, you?

said by silbaco:

said by Arturas :

so I say this when writing about my WII U experience to put things back into real world perspectvie, all consoles need updates and my Ps/3 needed one right off the bat also and frankly it's operation could never reach the polished presentation and operation...

I disagree! My NES has never needed a patch.

When the japanese NES (Famicom) was released it was glitchy and nintendo had to fix the problems, recall the system, and replace everyones consoles.
Two years later when the US version released they had all the bugs worked out.
Any "fixes" that were needed were programmed on the game catridges.
On the NES they also used chips in the cartridge and memory mappers to allow you do things the NES itself was not capable of doing.
They would have no choice but to program around any system software issues basically with "hacks" to make things work right. Game testing was very important.

When CD systems came out like playstation then they went to having patches that loaded with the CD since they had no hardware solution in a cartridge to fix issues.
Still full testing was very important as you needed all the bugs worked out before releasing the game.

Now-a-days they can start manufacturing hardware 6 months to a year in advanced before they have a final release software on the console.
Then when you first plug it in, you have to update to the final software.
Instead of them giving you a CD to update they force you to do it over the internet as it is cheaper for them.
Now they dont have to test as much since they can just patch it later when customers find the problems for them.
The game programmers dont necessary have to program around glitches if they can get the console manufacture to fix the firmware in the console before they release the game.
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