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Ponchatoula, LA

[Modem] Switched modems now have issues

I had to replace the Motorola 2210 dsl modem that I got when I signed up for dsl direct a few years ago. The modem kept randomly restarting and it eventually gave out on me. I am assuming over heating was the cause here because it was almost too hot to touch.

In any case, I replaced it with a Netgear DM111PSP. It works fine but I can't do more than two activities at a time with it. If my wife is watching Netflix, there is a noticeable delay/latency when trying to view web sites. It's even worse if I try to play an on-line game while she's streaming; the game is basically unplayable.

The odd thing is, the only other activity I can do while she's streaming is stream another Netflix show myself. There is no delay when doing that, no buffering either. I'm not a networking guy so maybe there is an explanation for it but I find that kind of odd.

I've tried using QOS through my Buffalo N600 wireless router and it doesn't seem to help. With the old Motorola modem, she could be watching Netflix while I play a game and everything worked just fine.

Is there anything I can check or reconfigure possibly on the modem that would account for this? Should I just ditch the Netgear and get another modem instead?

I have the Netgear modem connected to the Buffalo router in a bridged mode. Its the same exact setup as I had with the Motorola and as far as I can tell, it's not the router that is the cause.


I would say that you use another Motorola 2210 modem. You can also try Westell/Netgear 6200.


Pearland, TX
reply to Budwhite
try getting a Motorola 3347, but beware that this is a business AT&T modem...I dont know if it's good for gaming...

at least it's a supported modem...