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Iowa native
Springfield, MA
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MiFi under contract

I was told by CS that I could buy the iPad mini and put it on the line currently occupied by the MiFi (which is under contract until 2014) and it would drop the price by $10 (since a tablet is $10 and a mobile broadband device is $20) so I bought my iPad mini today and the store (where I know the guys personally) said they cannot do that until the MiFi is off contract due to something having to do with Apple so I had to add another line (which does not bother me as it is only $10 per month until the pathetic state of Taxachusetts starts double dipping into my wallet with their telecom taxes as it occupies a phone number).

Is it true that I cannot change the device type until the contract expires or I break the contract. I will technically no longer need a MiFi when I get iPhone 5 as it has one built in. I may just pop the SIM card in my USB dongle (Pantech UML 290) as the only gadget ill have that will lack mobile connectivity will be my MacBook Pro as all my other toys (iPad, iPad mini, and iPhone are all online and connected to my Verizon ShareEverything plan.


Cobbs Creek, VA

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... what a mess


Mulberry, FL
reply to IowaCowboy
I don't see how changing devices would break the contract as the line is still there. You're not terminating the line. I would call verizon wireless customer service and inquire.

Just an FYI - you are aware it'd be cheaper just to use your mifi hotspot for internet and connect your device's via their wifi to the mifi rather than paying all those per device connection fees. IMO the share everything is a total rip off by verizon just in the per device connection fees. If you have an iphone already on your share everything, just use it's built in hotspot and ditch the other device's on your account and either save $$$ or use the money you were spending to bump up your data allotment. Just my opinion though.