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Pembroke, ON
reply to Gone

Re: Moving-United Counties of Prescott & Russell-Fibre/Wireless

Thanks to all who replied.... I am currently part of the EORN pricing thing, although it is only a small discount with xploernet satellite and a big nothing for the turbo hub. I really don't think EORN did much for us at all since we still don't have dsl, and I am 11 KM from the city center here (and about 3 km from dsl). I often wonder about that whole program.... Sure it improved things, but really, I think it got sold technologies that are really just interm.... And dated when they rolled to the public....

There seems to be more selection in this rural area as compared to the Petawawa/Pembroke are. While I am comfortable with what we are paying now, I am interested in fibre to the home/business options as well..... Simply put, I am tired of two wireless networks, and sometimes finding myself on the wrong one after a big download, and the reliability of the satellite network.

Anybody know of good fibre providers in that area? Does Xplorernet wireless provide any decent coverage out there as some places I am considering are apparently outside the dsl zone.