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Annapolis, MD
reply to Hahausuck

Re: Remote door locks and remote start with cell phone question

Is Viper considered a high quality company?


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said by AnnaS8:

Is Viper considered a high quality company?

"Viper" is just a brand owned by "DEI".


DEI has been a major provider of car alarms for over a decade. I remember DEI alarms being very popular in the 90's.

To answer your question, I would say yes.

Headquartered in Southern California, DEI Holdings, Inc. is the parent company of some of the most respected brands in the consumer electronics industry. DEI Holdings is the largest designer and marketer in North America of premium home theater loudspeakers (sold under the Polk Audio® and Definitive Technology® brand names), and consumer-branded vehicle security and remote start systems (sold under Viper®, Clifford®, Python®, Autostart® and other brand names).

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Annapolis, MD
Ok thanks to all for the helpful advice. It has been very appreciated.


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The viper line is in my opinion their best. The others are not so much.

Clifford also is very good but I haven't seen them in a while. That doesn't meant anything though. I used to prefer Clifford to viper when installing because of certain features but they have leveled the playing field quite a bit in the last ten years.

The other is Compustar. Very high quality and feature packed. Might be hard to find them and I am not 100 percent sure they have a Bluetooth option Ive never installed one, just troubleshot them.

Where ever you go you should try and see if you can peek in the bay. This time of year the installers should be mostly doing auto starts so they will have everything out for that job. You should look for guys soldering wiring. That's a key component to quality work.

I've used mechanical splices and soldered. A good mechanical splice or tap is fine but most guys do not do them correctly so you can run into problems. Soldering also can be done wrong but chances are if someone is soldering they are taking the time to at least try an do it right.
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