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Nashville, TN

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reply to Jackal1

Re: 24 Mbps package

Tech told me exactly where my remote terminal is, and said it is 2500-2900 ft wire line. Confirmed there are no bridge taps. There were two guys here, and one of them was actually the one that set my DSL up when I moved into this house over 3 years ago.

Line 0 (Downstream, Upstream)
SNR Margin (dB): 22.1 , 12.5
Attenuation (dB): 16.5 , 7.9

Line 1 (Downstream, Upstream)
SNR Margin (dB): 21.3 , 12.5
Attenuation (dB): 21.0 , 10.8

Also, clearly some routing changed somewhere in the Windstream network, because I used to get 20-25 ms to servers in Chicago, Atlanta, and Dallas... now I can't find a single city around me that I get less than 40 ms to. Doubling my ping for all game servers in those areas, and decreasing my single stream throughput dramatically (google bandwidth-delay product). I think this happened before the upgrade though, since I noticed it last week.

user formerly known as 'bsc'