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Kenner, LA

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[LA] Packet Loss / Connection Instability

This has been going on for two nights now. I didn't want to jump right on this because the issue may have disappeared by now, but it remains. So now I need some help.

My download speeds are suffering, and I can barely upload anything. It' is very difficult to even establish an outgoing connection, much less transfer any amount of data. If I attempt to upload any data, my downstream and upstream connection will halt about 90% of the time. And the problem is becoming worse.

Are there any known issues in the Kenner, LA area? If not, there is a problem somewhere and I'd much rather check with someone here before I call normal customer support.

I would upload Pingplotter graphs but I can't transfer them to any online storage because I can't transfer any data.

i live in gretna the same thing here had a new dpq 3212 modem installed did not fix the problem


Kenner, LA
reply to kv2009
I'm finally able to upload data now, so here are the Pingplotter graphs from the last two nights.

And tonight, the problem isn't as prevalent, more than likely because it's Thanksgiving and most people have something better to do than run Pingplotter tests. But it's late and everybody's asleep so here.

You can see in there around 2:09AM when I ran a speed test that saturated the upstream frequency, some packet loss occurred. Whenever I run upload speed test, I can see the same feature in the Pingplotter graph - it happens every time. I can imagine that as more people in the area get online and are transferring data, this problem will only become worse, causing the extreme packet loss you see in my previous Pingplotter graphs.