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Hilo, HI

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Re: [WIN8] IE10 doesn't load many sites

IE was what I had to use in the beginning. It was awful using it because I couldn't come here because I didn't have HostsMan installed and this site kept trying to set UTM cookies! (They are automatically blocked when HostsMan is installed because I block everything to do with Google in the hosts file). Anyhow, I finally got here by rejecting UTM cookies about 9 times for each request I made at this site on IE. I posted here on IE ...nothing else installed ...computer turned on for first time. So, don't blame me for Microsoft's problems with IE and their continued ignoring of Accessibility rights.

As for making a DVD, I was not asked about making one...yeah, I know you are supposed to be asked...I wasn't...but if I had been asked how could I do that without any software to make a DVD with? I don't even have any DVD disks yet anyway...just CD...I RARELY burn anything. I have seen only Memorex DVDs single or dual layer and I won't touch that brand. Sony and the other good ones are sold out in the stores here so I could not have made a disk even if I had been told to make one when I turned on the computer the first time. Microsoft tried to force me to make an user account with them though so they could spy on everything I do on this computer...Microsoft tried hard to get me to do that! Not easy to set up your first admin account on Win 8 as a local user account. I bought a computer that runs Microsoft's OS. I did not get married to Microsoft and they have no business trying to force people to make Microsoft accounts instead of local user accounts. Microsoft is playing very nasty with Win 8.

I intend to reformat and remove all that factory restore garbage anyway. I couldn't immediately reformat the new computer, which is the proper thing to do when you get a new computer, because Dell requires that you cannot request a reinstallation disk until you can provide the service tag number which you can't do until you have the new computer. So, I did fill in the online request form from my old computer before even plugging in the new computer. I got an email from Dell saying that since I had ordered a computer with no media (I had NO choice...Dell configurator did NOT allow for ordering media when ordering the computer) Dell would charge me for the media. The email didn't say how much the charge would be. It gave me a number to call to request the media.

So, I called the number Monday and Dell phone system noticed my old computer and didn't see the new one and thus, mistakenly, sent me to Small/Medium Business Expired Warranty Dept. The tech there told me that Microsoft has FORBIDDEN OEMs to provide media for reinstallation of Windows 8!!! There is NO COA sticker on the computer (only Intel one) and I understand that supposedly has to do with the prohibition to NOT allow OEMs to provide reinstallation media. Anyhow, he said there was a new way to do a CLEAN install of Windows 8 and I would need the Dell Employee Software Support Program techs (MMP) to walk me through it. He transferred me to that department but it was after business hours in Texas (where the techs are located). The times to call are bad for me (when I usually am asleep) so I haven't called yet.

I also told the expired warranty tech that I wanted to exercise my downgrade rights and he said, certainly, this Employee Software Support Program will help you with that also. He then wanted to know exactly what I didn't like about Win 8 and implied Dell is concerned about the situation. I told him that Dell should be treating this like they did Vista and that they should be offering lots of Win 7 machines.
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Hilo, HI

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Nepean, ON
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