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Key West, FL

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Some reflections on Sandy

Maybe Irene was such nothing...another false alarm???

Though DEVASTATED up state and NE

Another false alarm???? Sorry no.

And maybe 18 year in the Keys you learn to pay attention.

But what were they thinking???

Little spot in the ocean surges just generally slosh around us...2005 Wilma of course Full moon high tide back wash a historical exception that back wash post storm flooded 70% of Key West.

But this was Sandy a Funnel CERTAINTY (vs sloshing around us)... and so many did not leave???

And again here week(s) without power is a somewhat certainty but Keys Energy has amazingly hardened our system...post Wilma it was a question of safely restoring power without electrocuting people in still wet flooded areas.

Power already out...first thing I did was thing I did abandoning house 28" of water to sit on top of car with dog... was to through main breaker. And not back on until restored power when there to see if problems.

OK been a long time in NYC... but they got their warning last year... they saw nothing but everything north devastated... not that NYC/NJ would care. And justifiably did not happen this year but they arrogantly they were screwed this time. They didn't give a shit what happened north last year... this time they got dumped on.

You don't be arrogant with mother nature or sure as shit she will bite your ass.

But again if it is going to happen... worst place to be....

Whereas surges just usually slosh around us as the little speck in the ocean.... NYC/NJ GUARANTEED FUNNEL pile up will happen.

Sorry for their ignorance perhaps arrogance after Irene but they were warned well in advance... and just too complacent.

And BTW we had several power crews from Key West in the area helping out up there that just got back in time for Thanksgiving, both equipment and many of the crews never seeing snow before.

But as they do we were spared this year... know how to get things done.

And that was an amazing thing to while it went on to be major... our only impact this year was ISSAC but totally fell apart before it got to us... then went on to regather itself to be significant impact in northern Gulf.

Maybe just getting too hot down here... and Gulf Stream getting significantly warmer to draw the eastern forming storms up there much more???

Last couple of years don't think one has unexpectedly veered west.... and even New Newfoundland see impacts the 2 years.

And Key West is often criticized for how many don't leave.... yet historically few deaths...and survive without a lot of help after...

but were are you going to go...likely coming from the east so up the ONE road into it....

VS again what happened in NY/NJ so MANY places to EASILY go but so many didn't? Just because they lucked out last year... and two in a row?

And now maybe the weirdest thing of all the last few years the most accurate models of all have been the Euro.... pretty much just observers but for the few that hook right and hit N Europe... as big storm.

Our people to afraid to tell us what they really should be???

I am very happy Key West and the Keys said successfully to the government said you are not taking our NWS away and make it remote control MIA... and is now Cat 5 resistant building is just two blocks away.... talk to them frequently... not always when imminent storm when they are to busy, but in their off times and sometimes out and about the nature of things, and that they love to be stationed here.

And even I said here how ridiculous it was storm hadn't even cleared Jamaica this was certainty... because normally many things can vary but this was actually a certainty that never varied from first forecast... again those in NJ/NYC should have taken in far more seriously than they did. Maybe because it was the Euro model but for last several years most accurate model. I take very seriously here, from its history as much as I respect the NHC and NWS who soon agreed to. They had a near week absolute certainty that came to be.... vs the last 38 NE express the glance NYC and devastated eastern LI and NE.... before any modern forecasting.

You are told certainty a week out and until PAY attention....

VS again many in the 18 yrs I have been here were supposed to devestate us but didn't....and didn't leave because paid attention to the real time info we have now.... its moved path and small spec in the ocean KW is... gonna miss....

Sandy amazingly never varied even though I initially said how ridiculously said the forecast was before even cleared Jamaica.... and no one was paying the attention they should have been for unwavering that FACT alone was.

Would have scared the SHIT out of me with that much unwavering warning.... even in the land of this is half year norm.

You look at variables but you don't ignore CERTAINTY.

And again might just slosh around you vs where absolutely surge will multiple angle funnel pile up on you big time.

And another interesting thing watched NOVA tonight and they said CONED they cut power to southern Manhattan at flooding but maybe not to the substation that so spectacullary blew up seen on the news.

But again KW a place used to it...last decade or so Keys Energy has remarkably hardened the system replacing wooden poles with steel reinforced concrete ones... but will shut down the system if things get real bad, and be able to restore things very quickly, vs things blowing up and weeks and big $$$ to replace.