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Re: [ARIZONA] Any other (former) Deru.com users?

My site is still up and the server it's on is fully live - my email is also on that server and still live. I have NO idea what's going on - is there no one in Phoenix who can go by the store?



I have a co-hosted server with them. All sites on it are up, but their site is non-functional and no responses to my emails yet. I live in Scottsdale and will drive their tomorrow.


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I had several domains registered and hosted at Deru. Two of the websites/email went dark around 11/15/2012 with no notice. No response from them on email and their support phone number goes to a "voicemailbox full" message. After two weeks of outage, one of them came back to life, but cPanel is still disabled (doesn't look like they've paid the licencing fee).

Deru's owner's (Darin Wayrynen) personal website is down too. From all the clues, my guess is that they stopped paying their bills sometime this summer/fall and ran off (fleeing creditors?), leaving things on autopilot. Too bad- I was a customer for most of a decade and till now was quite happy with their responsive service.

For a couple of reasons, I also suspect that there may be someone there quietly trying to keep things going: Before their main site went down, I had a brief tech support chat about cPanel, and their support website recently came back online. It's nice that there's a technician there with some sense of responsibility, but obviously they've lost my trust.