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Re: [Connectivity] MAC Address Scam?

Do NOT buy modems online, repeat; Do NOT buy modems online. Period.

This forum is loaded with horror stories of modems purchased online only to find out they are either stolen, unreturned equipment, or tied to an account in collections.

Only buy modems at a national brick and mortar chain like Best Buy, Target, or Radio Shack and DO NOT purchase one if it appears to have been returned. Only buy BRAND NEW modems that have the factory seals on the package intact.

Edit: You said you paid $80 for that particular model of modem, well that same modem sells for $149.99 at Best Buy so that suggests to me you got it from a questionable source. If that modem happens to be stolen, in most states you can be criminally charged for receiving stolen property and yes, Comcast can and will report unreturned equipment as stolen to the police departments. Also when you buy subscription based electronics (modems, SiriusXM Radios, prepaid cell phones, etc), they are blocked by the service provider until the store scans the serial number at the register so they are worthless if shoplifted.