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Boynton Beach, FL

Windows 8 Mobile Virtual Keyboard - slow response

First of all, it seems really hard to search on Windows 8 mobile specific topics. With the same product name 95% of the results seem to come up desktop related. We need a mobile tag on this group .

Anyway, I recently switched from an iPhone 4 to a Nokia 920 and I love the phone. Microsoft made a great mobile OS.

However, the biggest issue for me with mobile Windows 8 compared to the iPhone is the virtual keyboard. The keyboard itself is slower to respond. I thought at first it was just me getting used to the new keyboard but it actually takes longer from press to press. I've found myself getting into trouble because I'm out typing the virtual keyboard. There is some sort of delay between presses. The end result is it takes me significantly longer to type on Windows 8 mobile compared to iOS.

Anyone else noticed this? I'd love to find a keyboard hack that could speed it up. But another downside to Windows 8 is it doesn't seem as hackable, at least yet.

I don't think most people would notice this. I'm just a really fast virtual keyboard typer.